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Amanda’s Virtual Office can work on the small stuff so that your business can focus on the big stuff.

Amanda’s Virtual Office can look after your business giving you more time to achieve your work goals.

Ever felt like your bogged down trying to answer emails but the phone is always ringing? Or perhaps it’s that nagging feeling that you get when you know you have to make the books balance but the pile of invoices and receipts is too overwhelming to deal with right now!

What you need is a virtual administration assistant to help you with all of these day to day tasks that are taking up your precious time. Check out the services page to see what we have on offer…

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Passing Away Planner

Amanda’s Virtual Office is happy to finally be able to bring you the Passing Away Planner. Having lost my father in April I was faced not only with social isolation because of Covid-19 but having to organise everything that followed to do with my father’s passing.

The passing away planner has been designed to enable you to record your wishes and put in place your arrangement wishes so that it will bring guidance and peace to your family after you have gone. 

Why should you hire a virtual assistant?

Here are just a few reasons hiring a virtual assistant will benefit your business

  • You save money by saving on office space, office equipment and maintenance costs
  • You save money by paying only for the hours they work
  • You can increase your online presence by having a virtual assistant look after your social media channels
  • You can strengthen a weak skill area by utilizing the unique skills of your virtual assistant
  • You save time by offloading your mundane everyday tasks allowing your more time to spend with friends and family