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Is a Virtual Assistant Better than an employee?

If your a small business like me and you're looking to grow your business but you're not ready to take on an employee at this stage or alternatively if you need a temporary worker to help out in the busier seasons than a virtual assistant may just be what you need. Let's look at how a virtual assistant versus an employee.

Office Space

As a virtual assistant, most work from their own homes or sometimes rent their own space at their cost therefore saving you money on the additional workspace in your office. An employee usually has their own workspace that they may or may not have to share with other employees.

Time Worked

As a virtual assistant is usually employed to take on one task, sometimes more as needed their main focus is to complete that specified task in the allotted time and have little to no distractions in this process. An employee generally has more then one task to complete in their workday and have the added distractions of office noise, phones ringing, interruptions by colleagues etc. With the virtual assistant you are only paying for the time worked therefore saving you money.

Temporary Work

As virtual assistants are generally hired under a contract set out between the two parties this also dictates the duration of the time employed as a sub-contractor to your business. It would be nice to think that all business transactions will go forward without any problems but sometimes either party might not be the right fit for the job at that time. As a contract can be canceled in accordance with the terms and conditions it would be easier to cancel a contract than it would be to go through the process of terminating an employee, again saving your business money in the long run.