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January Planning

These blog posts should be used in conjunction with your passing away planner, if you don’t have one please visit my shop to purchase one.

Week 1

This year I want to focus on my passing away planner as it is something I am very passionate about because of what I have been through. This is the book you need but don’t know you need until you need it! This month we will look at the first section of the planner that focuses on completing the personal details and what that entails. Have you given it any thought in regards to nominating someone to do this for you?

It is surprising that simple details such as personal details you may not actually know if you were filling in these details after someone has passed. Although I knew my father was born in England I had to refer back to his birth certificate to find his actual birthplace.

Week 2

A Will is an important legal document that sets forth your wishes in regards to any planning and distribution of your estate so it is important that you chose your executor and record where your will is located.

It isn’t something we like to talk about but choosing a funeral director will take the stress away from the family or relatives that are carrying out your wishes.

Week 3

Over our lifetime we accumulate a number of personal documents and often they aren’t all stored in the same location so it is important to try and organize these so they will be easy to locate.

If you have served time in the military complete this section with those details and have a think about if you want any of your military articles to be on display at your funeral.

If you have any other information that is pertinent to your personal details that you feel needs to be recorded then there is a space in the “other” section where you can note it down.