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The Planner's Story

Amanda’s Virtual Office is happy to finally be able to bring you the Passing Away Planner. Having lost my father in April I was faced not only with social isolation because of Covid-19 but having to organise everything that followed to do with my father’s passing.

There is very little information available to assist you in what is needed as you face this difficult time and this is what has inspired the creation of the planner in hope that it can make this time easier for your family.

Providing peace for your family after you pass away

The passing away planner has been designed to enable you to record your wishes and put in place your arrangement wishes so that it will bring guidance and peace to your family after you have gone. 

How will I benefit from using the planner?

Peace of Mind

By using the planner it will not only provide peace of mind for you but also for your family as you are able to plan and make arrangements prior to your passing.

Personalising your Passing

By using the planner you will be able to specify exactly what you would like to happen prior, during and after your passing.

Perfect Planning

By using the planner you have greatly reduced the distress your loved ones may be faced with if they had to put together your funeral after your passing, allowing them time to mourn and say goodbye.

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Peace in planning you passing