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Why the Passing Away Planner?

Passing Away Planner Cover

For many of us, 2020 has been a year we would much rather forget and put behind us. This year we have had bushfires, floods and lastly the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen us change the way we live our lives just to keep us safe.


Heading into this year I knew I may have to face some difficult times ahead as my father had been diagnosed with a terminal illness in December. Although there was no cure my father was told without treatment he might have 6 to 12 months and with treatment possibly 3 months extra to those figures and so we decided the best option would be for him to have treatment to buy us a bit of extra time. So in January, he went ahead and had the treatment.


The next 2 months passed pretty quickly and life was almost normal, I had noticed my father slowing down a bit but he was still active doing normal everyday tasks until I received a call from him late one night at the end of March. I went up to help him not knowing 16 days later I would be there to hold his hand as he passed away. Having lost my brother in 2018 and my mother suffering from dementia I was then faced with having to organise my father's funeral and put his affairs in order alone having not ever had to deal with this situation before.


I soon found that there was little information available that could assist you in this difficult time and I did the best I could with what I had. As I worked through the next few months I often found myself with the thought that there needs to be something to help people navigate through this sad time and take away the worry so they could concentrate on dealing with their loss.


This is where my idea for the Passing Away Planner has come from and it looks at planning for the future, planning your passing your way, and taking the stress away from your family after you have passed. I just wish there had been something like this when my father was diagnosed so we could have planned his passing his way.