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Getting to know your SEO

SEO Tips

So what does SEO stand for? It stands for “search engine optimization” and it is used to increase traffic to your website and this can be through both paid and organic results.

SEO is about understanding what your customers or clients are searching for online, words they use, answers, and content. Once you know what it is they need then the next step will show you why that is important. The next element that plays a part in SEO is the search engines and they process billions of pieces of content by crawling sites on the internet and then indexing them, ordering them to how they best fit with your query.

Why then is SEO so important? Although you can pay to advertise via social media and online platforms, once you have properly set up your SEO for your website, then over time this is going to be a marketing tool that will keep working for you that doesn’t need funds to keep it running.

Some good guidelines to think about in regards to Google’s search engines, make sure your pages are targeted to your customers and not specifically aimed at search engines, think about what makes your services or product unique, and build your content around that.